my dogs


LULU is a first generation sheepadoodle, bred by me about two years ago. She was jet black and white when she was born, but changed to silver and white around the age of eight months. Lulu is a good example of how a sheepadoodle can change from black and white to silver and white, due to the fading gene which is carried by some poodles and all Old English Sheepdogs. The fading gene causes the black colour, or any colour, to gradually fade. Lulu is a rich silver, an absolutely amazing girl, sweet, very devoted, and crazy for children. Lulu resides with one of my old daycare families, and she is very much a loved and treasured addition to their family. Recently Lulu had a new baby boy come into her life, she never leaves his side. Lulu has a very calm nature, loves to go for long walks, and loves to spend time playing with her family. She also LOVES TO EAT!! Lulu is part of my newly introduced sheepadoodle to sheepadoodle breeding program, she has produced one litter. Her pups were stunning, full white round faces, and fantastic temperaments!

WINNIE is a full parti standard poodle, black and white. She lives with me, and is my baby. She was raised in my hands and has never left them even though she is now 50 pounds!!! Winnie loves other dogs, loves to play ball, loves to run around in my yard and try and catch rabbits. She has a very soft and gentle nature, and is the only standard poodle I have ever owned who smiles, a full out showing of her teeth. She is very intelligent, and her main goal in life is to be by my side, she has attempted on several occasions to jump into the tub with me but I do shut that down. Winnie will be bred to George for F1B sheepadoodles. Winnie has a full white snout, her babies will be gorgeous!!

GEORGE, Stellas dad, is my stunning black and white tuxedo sheepadoodle male. He comes from incredible health tested parents, and has a super sweet and soft nature. George loves to play, has a great sense of humor, and wants nothing more then to snuggle on the couch. When George goes out walking, or to a park, many stop and ask, what kind of dog he is, he is so good natured and so stunning, that he draws in a crowd. He is exceptional with children, as all sheepadoodles are, and weighs about 75 pounds. He is very tall, but not hulky, and carries heavily the Old English Sheepdog genetics, even when bred to a standard poodle for F1B sheepadoodles, there is normally a predominance towards the Old English Sheepdog rather then the poodle.

SEAMUS is my second male sheepadoodle, imported from a wonderful US breeder, he will soon be introduced into my breeding program. Seamus will be bred to Stella (below), daughter of Lucy and George, late fall of 2016, I am very excited to see the wonderful puppies this union will produce. Seamus will continue as acting sire, to the female offspring of George, I will be focusing on sheepadoodle to sheepadoodle moving forward.

STELLA Write up soon.

ABBEY is a wonderful sheepadoodle from Queenie and George. She will be bred to Seamus and will have stunning black and white puppies. Abbey has a superb temperament and she lives with an Autistic child, the bond between them is heartwarming, and she has enhanced the life of this little boy dramatically. Abbey resides with my wonderful co-owners in Port Hope, and carries on the amazing and gentle temperment of her mom and dad. She loves to play, and unfortunately just loves to dig!! Abbey is a treasure. I am proud to have her as a part of my breeding program.

BRIE Write up coming shortly.

JEWEL is my stunning tri-phantom standard. Her parents and their parents stem from the best lines available, all genetically health tested, all gorgeous coats, markings and temperaments. Jewel will produce many tri Bernedoodles as she carries the same set of colour markers as a Bernese Mountain dog. Jewel is the calmest most well rounded Standard Poodle I have ever owned, she is fearless, loves other dogs, is calm in nature. Her intelligence is superior, she loves to please, loves to be with you. Jewel also loves to play ball, is exceptional on a lead, and is my sons personal favourite, she sleeps in his bed every night. She brings us much joy and is a superior example of the Standard Poodle breed.

LILY is my sweet Bernese Mountain dog. She comes from two smaller parents, and is herself very small. She has a soft sweet nature; her look will melt your heart. Lily is the favourite of the neighbourhood, frequently she has many sleep overs, to know Lily is to love Lily, she will be placed as a therapy dogs because her calm and happy nature touches anyone she meets.
Lily loves other dogs, loves to play, is very quirky sometimes. When walking on a lead she gets bursts of uncontained happiness and will spin around and start to do back-flips. She is surprisingly agile, and I have to say makes me laugh all the time. Lily stems from healthy parents, and her health testing is now underway. She has exceptional markings, extremely symmetrical. Her puppies will be stunning, and their temperaments superb.

ZUESS is a stunning pure bred Bernese Mountain dog who resides with Paws Awhile Kennels. I have chosen this fabulous boy because he comes from top European based lines, bred for longevity and health. Zuess has a calm, wonderful nature, and weighs in around 90 pounds, he produces nice sized Bernedoodles. He has outstanding markings with a full white headpiece. He is fully health tested as well. Look for some stunning tri-phantoms and phantom puppies from this incredible male.

BUNNY is a rare red sable phantom, she is full phantom, but has a sabled body colour. When she is clipped down she appears lighter, when grown out she is quite dark. Sabled phantoms are my favourite, and most do not colour out as stunning as my girl, she is my favourite look, I never tire of admiring her all day long!! Her temperment is flawless, quiet, demure, super loving, we always know where to find Bunny, curled up on the couch!! Rarely does she bark, simply content to snuggle, yet she has another side, she loves to jump and run. She can jump to unbelievable heights, is very light footed, and always up on her hind legs. She is also a fabulous dancer, she loves all, children, other dogs, especially puppies. she has a soft spot for puppies and will play with them endlessly. Her lineage stems from Kitsue lines, she is simply exceptional in every way, great conformation, smaller in stature, a true gem. I feel blessed to have her in my life.

JEAN LUC is a very rare tri phantom parti tuxedo boy, a huge suprise as I was not expecting to produce a phantom in his litter. At birth, his phantom markings already excelled and have remained very prominent. He has amazing conformation and gait, a wonderful outgoing temperment, and is a very much loved member of his family. He carries for phantom, brindle, and parti, and comes from healthy sound lines with many champions. I am very excited about this boy, and very proud to have produced him, expecting many outstanding puppies from him in the future. This boy just loves to play, but he also is a huge cuddler and loves to snuggle with his people, he is co-owned by my dear freind Marsha, he spends most of his time playing outside with his best friend and fellow standard poodle Lucy, and truly is a shining example of all I strive for in a standard poodle.

COCO is our stunning Bernedoodle out of Lucy and Zuess. Her coat is thick and soft, she has great body structure, and a wonderful tail set. She is incredibly intelligent, loves to snuggle, is great with other dogs and animals, and loves to go hiking, she will make an excellent mother and we look forward to her having babies with this incredible girl!!