sheepadoodles parents


LULU is a first generation sheepadoodle, bred by me about two years ago. She was jet black and white when she was born, but changed to silver and white around the age of eight months. Lulu is a good example of how a sheepadoodle can change from black and white to silver and white, due to the fading gene which is carried by some poodles and all Old English Sheepdogs. The fading gene causes the black colour, or any colour, to gradually fade. Lulu is a rich silver, an absolutely amazing girl, sweet, very devoted, and crazy for children. Lulu resides with one of my old daycare families, and she is very much a loved and treasured addition to their family. Recently Lulu had a new baby boy come into her life, she never leaves his side. Lulu has a very calm nature, loves to go for long walks, and loves to spend time playing with her family. She also LOVES TO EAT!! Lulu is part of my newly introduced sheepadoodle to sheepadoodle breeding program, she has produced one litter. Her pups were stunning, full white round faces, and fantastic temperaments!

WINNIE is a full parti standard poodle, black and white. She lives with me, and is my baby. She was raised in my hands and has never left them even though she is now 50 pounds!!! Winnie loves other dogs, loves to play ball, loves to run around in my yard and try and catch rabbits. She has a very soft and gentle nature, and is the only standard poodle I have ever owned who smiles, a full out showing of her teeth. She is very intelligent, and her main goal in life is to be by my side, she has attempted on several occasions to jump into the tub with me but I do shut that down. Winnie will be bred to George for F1B sheepadoodles. Winnie has a full white snout, her babies will be gorgeous!!

GEORGE, Stellas dad, is my stunning black and white tuxedo sheepadoodle male. He comes from incredible health tested parents, and has a super sweet and soft nature. George loves to play, has a great sense of humor, and wants nothing more then to snuggle on the couch. When George goes out walking, or to a park, many stop and ask, what kind of dog he is, he is so good natured and so stunning, that he draws in a crowd. He is exceptional with children, as all sheepadoodles are, and weighs about 75 pounds. He is very tall, but not hulky, and carries heavily the Old English Sheepdog genetics, even when bred to a standard poodle for F1B sheepadoodles, there is normally a predominance towards the Old English Sheepdog rather then the poodle.

SHAMUS is my second male sheepadoodle, imported from a wonderful US breeder, he will soon be introduced into my breeding program. Shamus will be bred to Stella (below), daughter of Lucy and George, late fall of 2016, I am very excited to see the wonderful puppies this union will produce. Shamus will continue as acting sire, to the female offspring of George, I will be focusing on sheepadoodle to sheepadoodle moving forward.

STELLA Write up soon.

ABBEY is a wonderful sheepadoodle from Queenie and George. She will be bred to Seamus and will have stunning black and white puppies. Abbey has a superb temperament and she lives with an Autistic child, the bond between them is heartwarming, and she has enhanced the life of this little boy dramatically. Abbey resides with my wonderful co-owners in Port Hope, and carries on the amazing and gentle temperment of her mom and dad. She loves to play, and unfortunately just loves to dig!! Abbey is a treasure. I am proud to have her as a part of my breeding program.

BRIE Write up coming shortly.