what is a Sheepadoodle?



A sheepadoodle is a hybrid cross between an Old English Sheepdog (OES), and a Standard Poodle. Both Standard Poodles and OES have excellent natures, and both make outstanding family pets. Sheepadoodles love children, other dogs, are very loyal, and their owners develop exceptionally strong bonds with them.

Sheepadoodle Coats

A sheepadoodle does not shed, and, although not guaranteed is considered to be hypo-allergenic. Coat type ranges from very straight, wavy, or quite curly. On many occasions the coat which presents at birth, changes at maturity.

Sheepadoodle Colours

I have chosen to remain as true to the OES in colour in my breeding program as possible. My pups are usually black and white, some will change to silver, many stay black. I cannot guarantee which will change, as all OES change to silver, because of the fading gene, so depending on whether your pup has inherited the fading gene, this will determine the future outcome. Below are some pictures of the many different markings and colour variations. On my parent page, you will see Lulu, a stunning sheepadoodle who was born black and white, and changed to silver at eight months of age.

Sheepadoodle Size

The average size at maturity of my sheepadoodle pups ranges from 50 to sixty five pounds.

Grooming Needs

A sheepadoodle does not shed, your puppy will always grow their hair, so regular grooming by a professional is required. I recommend grooming every eight weeks, but if you require a longer style, every six weeks is optimal. I also recommend the purchase of a professional hair dryer from a pet supply house. The investment you make will save you hours and hours in bathing time, and, keep your gorgeous baby always looking their finest, as the air force dryer lifts and fluffs the hair off of the skin, giving your sheepadoodle that gorgeous fluffy coat that everyone loves

Proper combing and brushing is essential to avoid the coat from becoming matted. Combing right down to the skin once a week, will prevent matts from forming. Failure to do so may result in the coat requiring a shave down.

A good quality ear cleaner is also highly recommended to remove wax once a week, this helps avoid ear infections from setting in. Nails should be trimmed once a month to keep them nice and short and level with the foot pads. Eyes should be swiped daily with warm cotton ball and combed to make sure no crusty residue sets in. The sheepadoodle beard needs to be combed out on a regular basis to ensure no hardened food becomes trapped in the beard