purchasing a puppy


Why purchase a puppy from How I Met My Doodle?

My goal with each puppy is to know and love him as I would any member of my family. My dogs are my family, they are not kennel dogs being used for the purpose of breeding. My dogs enjoy life in my bed, or, a similar atmosphere in my co-owners home. At no time do I approve of a dog living in a kennel, or any type of a separate structure from that of a home. As a groomer I see everyday how incredible a dogs intelligence and emotions actually are, they amaze me, and as such they should have the same place in a family as other family members do. A dog will love you unconditionally, forever, no matter what you do, and, as such, I do not accept anything less then the best for my dogs and for my pups as well.

What sets us apart?

No kennels!! Our pups are raised in my family home, where they receive age appropriate stimulation. No barns, no cages, I personally know each and every puppy I raise. I co-own many of my breeders, who are placed in their forever homes as a puppy. I hold back those pups who appear to exhibit much potential, at birth, and place them in loving homes where they will remain forever, they come back to me when it is time to have a litter. I devote hours and hours to raising clean healthy puppies, I do not work outside of my home.

When choosing a dog for breeding, much focus is placed not only on gorgeous looks, but a soft nature, I do not ever use an aggressive dog. If for some reason a dog shows aggression, they will be eliminated from my breeding program. Temperments are extremely genetic, if you start with parent dogs of a soft sweet nature, more often then not their pups will also have this endearing trait.

All of my pups experience time in a crate, when four weeks they are moved to their exercise room, an open crate is placed beside their bed, they go in and out and play. At seven weeks each of them begin spending time alone in a crate for short periods. My pups are groomed on a regular basis from five weeks of age on.

Whats included with your puppy?

  • bag of premium food
  • collar and leash
  • blanket with litter scent
  • vet records
  • 1st set of vaccinations
  • two dewormings
  • toy with litter scent
  • three year genetic health warranty
  • lifetime support

To purchase one of my gorgeous babies I do recommend being placed on my waiting list to avoid disappointment, especially if you are very specific as to what color choice you have in mind. To be placed on my list you need to forward me a deposit of $200.

This deposit will secure your spot and your pic will come in the order of the deposits received, and can be moved to one subsequent litter should I not produce what you are looking for.

Your deposit is not refundable, unless for some reason the litter for which you have your deposit does not materialize, as sometimes happens. You will then have the option of refund, or be placed on next waiting list which would be your decision.

Please make sure before you contact me to actually purchase your pup that you have read and understood all about Sheepadoodles, and, are fully prepared to make the initial commitment.

Training a pup is a huge amount of work and requires patience, love and understanding and time. You cannot expect you pup to become trained on his own, won’t happen. So if you know in your heart you are ready to give love and time to one of my babies, time to go on my wait list.

I offer a lifetime of breeder support. I am here for the long term breeding is not just a whim to make extra money, it is my passion and with every litter I just get more and more devoted to doing it. After purchasing a pup if you live locally you are welcome anytime for grooming at a discount, love to have you.

You are welcome to email me or call me anytime with any question. Most of all if for some reason if does not work out between you and my pup, don’t fret, just contact me and we will work through every available option.

I do not allow puppy buyers to re-home their pups, the must contact me and we will work together to find a suitable replacement home.