keep your puppy safe

  • Confine your puppy to a safe area inside and keep doors and windows closed.
  • Keep your puppy off balconies, upper porches, and high decks.
  • Securely store hazardous items such as cleaning supplies, paint, mothballs, insect and rodent poisons, and antifreeze.
  • Remove poisonous houseplants or place them in hanging baskets out of your puppy’s confinement area.
  • Keep toilet lids down. Toilet bowl cleaners are harmful if swallowed.
  • Unplug, remove or cover any electrical cords in your puppy’s confinement area.
  • Keep small sewing supplies and hardware items, such as buttons, needles, string, nails, aluminum can tabs, and other sharp objects out of your puppy’s reach.
  • Keep all plastic bags away from your puppy.