supplies you will need

The crate will become your dog’s safe place and his special place to go to sleep and feel secure. Put it near or in the family hub of activity, so your dog feels like a part of the family. This is his home too and he should feel comfortable here. The key to successful use of the crate is to always use it in a positive manner – never as a punishment.

Your puppy’s first collar and leash should be made of lightweight nylon or leather. For collar size, measure his neck and add two inches. Check his collar frequently to be sure he hasn’t outgrown it. When he is older or if you have adopted an older dog, you will need to buy a webbed-cotton or leather leash with a secure clasp. Six feet is the best length for training and walking.

An identification tag permanently attached to the collar should give your new dog’s name, and your name, address, and phone number. Another identification option is available: placing a microchip under your pet’s skin. We have already done this for you, so the identification tag is simply an additional option for you to ensure your puppy’s safety if others are not informed of this type of identification.

These bowls should be easy to clean and heavy enough to not tip over.

The proper grooming tools will differ depending on your puppy’s hair cut. For short-haired breeds, use a brush with natural bristles, a rubbery curry comb or grooming hand mitt. A sturdy wide-tooth metal comb and perhaps a slicker brush are needed for long-haired breeds. Establish your dog’s grooming program as soon as possible so he’ll get used to being groomed.

Safe toys are an important part of your pet equipment. They can help your dog exercise and provide a safe way to satisfy your puppy’s need to chew. Rubber toys that can be filled with treats, nylon chews, and hard rubber balls are fun and usually safe. Also, keep your dog away from children’s toys made of soft rubber, fur, wool, sponge or polyurethane. Swallowing even a small particle of any of these materials could cause problems with his digestive system.